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Get video ready

Looking to step up your video game? You're in the right place. We help you feel great on camera. We prepare you for your 15 minutes through online video training, live calls and in-person workshops.

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Connect with your people.

Great to have you here! I'm Cheryl Tan and I tap into 20 years of experience in TV news to help you succeed in video.

Need to get in front of new audiences? Want to stand out in a crowded industry? Feel compelled to share a message to serve your clients?

My team and I will help you create compelling videos that turn strangers into customers.

People tell me they have a mental block just thinking about putting together videos for their business. We created the done-for-you solution.

--Cheryl Tan

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Ready to get started?

We help business owners create video to connect with their clients. We offer on-location business video packages and online training so you can tell a compelling story, establish credibility and build customer loyalty.

If you have ever said, "I know I need to start using video in my business, but I don't know where to begin," you are in the right place.

We can show you the way, either through comprehensive on-location video packages or online training resources so you get the support you need to carry out the job yourself.

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